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Sodium cyanide


It is widely used for Gold, Silver extraction. It is a main part of plating liquids  for zinc,copper, gold, silver, cadmium etc. It also used as the raw material for fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates, etc.


1、In 50kgs iron drums lined with PE bags. Normally in black & blue color, also can be painted according with customer’s request.  

2、In 1000kgs wooden boxes,with inner woven bags & PE bags.

Product name: Sodium cyanide   

Molecular formula NaCN    Molar mass 49.01 g/mol 
Appearance white crystalline pills    CAS number [143-33-9]



Purity (NaCN)

98.0% min.

Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)

0.5% max.

Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3)

0.5% max.

Water (H2O)

0.5% max.

Water Insoluble

0.05% max.