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Sodium Ferrocyanide


this product is mainly used to manufacture of blue pigment, blue nautical, paints, dyestuff, and textile industry. In pharmaceutical industry, it is used as iron agent in production process. And it is also used to carburize steel, anti-corrosive treatment for metal surface, tanning, obtain potassium ferricyanide, salt anticaking agents, crystallization, etc.


1、In 25/50kgs with woven bags & inner PE bags.

Product name: Sodium Ferrocyanide   

Molecular formula Na4[Fe(CN)6]·10H2O Molar mass 484.06 g/mol 
Appearance Light yellow crystalline   CAS number [14434-22-1]



Purity (Na4[Fe(CN)6]·10H2O)

99.5% min.

Sodium Cyanide (NaCN)

0.01% max.

Chloride (NaCl)

0.2% max.

Water (H2O)

0.3% max.


0.2% max.

Water Insoluble

0.01% max.